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Related article: oured for meat, and there Demadex 10 Mg was nobody within, it might be, a month's march to "tell." Laws that cannot be enforced are worse than useless, and we firmly believe that if the ** vanishing fauna " of Africa are to be Demadex 20 Mg saved, their salvation is to be found in reserves which can be guarded, and not through regulations which cannot be enforced. C. 18991 26g Some Breeding-Stud Reminiscences. From the tables of their memory, many of those, no doubt, who have bred thoroughbred stock would like to wipe away sundry ** trivial fond records," while others, though they may have achieved no pecuniary success, look back with pleasure upon the hours spent in pursuit of their hobby, for to anyone with the taste for it, and the patience re- quisite, nothing is more fascin- ating Demadex Vs Lasix than the rearing of live stock, and the production of the thoroughbred horse stands out as one of the enterprises undertaken by many of our greatest men. The first volume of the ** General Stud Book ** gives us some idea oi the extent to which racehorse breeding was carried out in quite early days, and it will be noticed that, so far as identification is possible, the breeders were al- ready in possession of acres more or less broad before they ever entertained the idea of breeding a blood horse; there are compara- tively few instances of early breeding studs, using the word in a wide sense, having been estab- lished on hired premises, while the establishment of a stud farm for the purposes of breeding to sell never entered the head of any ancient sportsmen. They bred to race, though, of course, as we know, a good many horses were sold into other hands. The eccentric Mr. Panton, who spent a long life in racing at Newmarket, and in keeping a pSLck of foxhounds which hunted the surrounding country, had a breeding stud on his property prior to 1756, in which year he bred Julia, by Blank, in whose veins ran the very best blood of the time, and this mare, when she ^%vas seven years old, was sold to VOL. Lxxi. Purchase Demadex Online — NO. 470. the Duke of Grafton, and joined his stud at Euston Hall. Among Julia's progeny was a filly named Fromise, and from Promise came Prunella, Highflyer being the sire, and Prunella bred no fewer than eleven good horses, to which names were given by the Duke which all began with the letter **P," and the purchase of Julia turned out the most fortunate for the Duke of Grafton, who made something like ;^ioo,ooo by the family. The Euston stud was for a long time in existence. At Eaton Hall, too, Demadex 50 Mg the breeding of the racehorse has been carried on through a long series of years, and there was reared Touchstone, a horse considered by John Scott to be a very difHcuIt horse to train because he was so subject to bad bilious attacks. From 1839 to i860 inclusive, Touchstone got 219 colts and 196 Order Demadex fillies, a total of 415, which gives an average of about twenty foals a year. He commenced his stud career in 1839 at Moor Park, near Rickmansworth, one of the Marquis of Westminster's seats, where he was advertised to cover forty mares besides his Demadex 60 Mg owner's at thirty guineas each, the same fee as that asked for Bay Middleton, and this sum was surpassed only by the fifty guineas of Emilius. At Moor Park Touchstone re- mained until after the season of 1842, when he joined Pantaloon at Eaton Hall, and just after- wards his fee was raised to forty guineas, and it was the highest in the stud ; but owing to the in- different success that attended his stock in 1845, his fee was in 1846 reduced to thirty guineas, the Generic Demadex Buy Demadex Online original amount. From 1841 to i860 Order Demadex Online inclusive, Touchstone got 323 winners, who won 702^ races 19 270 BAILY S Purchase Demadex MAGAZINE. [Aprii of the value of ;f 2 15,792. The Derby was woo thrice by his sons, Cotherstone, Orlando and Surplice, and four times by his grandsons, Teddington, West Australian, Beadsman and Mus- jid ; his Demadex 100 Mg daughter Mendicant won the Oaks, as did his grand- daughters Iris and Marchioness, while the St. Leger fell half-a- dozen times to members of his family — his daughter Blue Bon- net, his sons Surplice and New- minster, his grand-daughter Im- perieuse, and his grandsons West Australian and' Gamester. Another notable private breed- ing stud was that of Mr. Watt, of Bishop Burton, whose death in 1855 followed quickly on that Buy Cheap Demadex of Richard Tilburn, Sir Henry Boynton, who more than half a century before led ** Mrs. Thornton's '* mare to the post in her race against Mr. Flint. Mr. Watt began racing and breeding early iq the century fabout 1804), and for upwards of lorty-five years his harlequin colours were tolerably familiar on northern racecourses, but his most successful period was be- tween i8i3and 1833. When Mr. Watt first raced against the Prince of Wales, Lord Fitz- william, the Duke of Hamilton, Lord Strathmore, and others of the day, Sir Peter was at the top of the list of sires. In 181 2 Mr. Watt purchased from ^Ir. Hewett his stud, which contained Man- dane, Manuella, Altisidora, Petu- aria, &c., for a large sum. Blacklock, too, belonged to Mr. Watt. His dam was bought by Mr. More, of York, for the ridi- culous sum of three sovereigns, and her colt Blacklock was sold to Mr. Watt for 400 guineas. When his skeleton came to be preserved it Demadex Diuretic was seen that he had not the best of forelegs, but the framework was preserved at Buy Demadex Bishop Burton, together with sundry Gold Cups and other trophies won by the horse. Blacklock, who died suddenly in 1 83 1, was hated by Dr. Short- house, but his blood Demadex Tablets has done no little good to racehorses in general, and in 181 Demadex 40 Mg 3 he brought out the Demadex Mg famous Tramp, which he bred in 18 10, while Altisidora who, if not supreme on the Turf,